New Gal Gadot Images Increase Fears Her Wonder Woman Will Be ‘Too Skinny’

New images of Gal Gadot, who will play Wonder Woman in next spring’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, have been released, but they’ve only increased comic book fans fears that she is too skinny to play the beloved super-heroine.

When Gadot was first confirmed as Wonder Woman, some comic-book aficionados declared that she was too skinny to play the part. It was then revealed that Gadot would undergo a strict training regime to match her physique to fans’ expectations.

However, this spate of new pictures hasn’t allayed these original fears; instead they’ve only exacerbated them. You can check out the pictures below.

#WonderWomanWednesday: @GalGadot shows off her workout routine in these Wonder-ful new pics.

— #ComicsAndCoffee (@TheCAndCPodcast) March 4, 2015

Of course there’s no denying the fact that the Israeli actress/model still transcends beauty in these images.

However when she was originally cast as Wonder Woman, there were calls for a more muscular actress for the part. One of the names mentioned as the ideal Wonder Woman was Gina Carano, as the ex-MMA fighter is muscle-bound and statuesque in each measure.

These news photographs have now led some to suggest that Gadot didn’t actually undergo the necessary weight-gain that they desired.

The most alarming detail for those complaining is that Gadot has already filmed her scenes as Wonder Woman for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, while she is set to begin production in the fall for Wonder Woman’s own solo movie.

However, others have insisted that you can clearly see that Gadot has improved and toned her physique to match the character.

You can check out a selection of responses below.

Gal Gadot reveals her #WonderWoman physique. Ummm. She’s gorgeous but what physique?

— Jenn!fer (@FitnessChick20) March 4, 2015

Gal Gadot will debut as Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, out on March 25, 2016, while Wonder Woman will be released on June 23, 2017.

[Image via BP]