Kelsey Poe Slams Chris Soules Post ‘Women Tell All’: ‘He’s Not As Articulate’

Bachelor star Kelsey Poe was sent home during the sixth episode of the show, because Chris Soules felt that she wasn’t being completely honest with him. Prior to the date, Poe had talked to the other ladies and they all felt that she was acting as if she was above them. In her solo interviews, Kelsey often slammed the other ladies, saying that it wasn’t her fault for using big words.

Even though Kelsey Poe was sent home, she clearly felt that the other ladies had been to aggressive with her. Oddly, Kelsey never really said anything mean about Chris, even though it was his decision to send her home. But now that the show is coming to an end, and Poe has a horrible image in the press, she is speaking her mind.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelor star Kelsey Poe is now revealing that she doesn’t think that Soules was very articulate. To slam him more, Poe points out that she is actually a very intellectual person and she has a hard time speaking to someone, who isn’t on her level.

“He’s not as articulate,” Kelsey Poe has said, adding, “If you saw that Jimmy Kimmel episode with the chalkboard, that annoyed me — a lot. It’s hard to develop a relationship, and I’m a very intellectual person and I like to bond by talking, and so it was difficult to have that all the time.”

Surely, Chris Soules doesn’t care too much about Kelsey’s opinion these days, since he is supposedly engaged and happy. As for Kelsey, she is just digging her own grave. The ladies on The Bachelor changed her title from heartbroken widow to the black widow after watching the season.

On the Women Tell All special, Kelsey Poe tried to save her image by making herself look like the victim. Clearly that didn’t work very well, as many of the women felt that Poe had faked the panic attack.

“I’m looking at your faces and many of you have a lot of contempt in your face and so it is clear that some of you just do not like me,” Kelsey Poe said the women, adding, “I’m feeling betrayed. I thought I was recovering and ready to open my heart again. After this experience, it brought me back to the shock and the despair.”

According to the Inquisitr, Kelsey has said that she is ready to be a wife again. If she was asked by ABC to be the next Bachelorette, one has to wonder how many men would show up.

What do you think about Kelsey Poe’s comments about Chris?

[Image via ABC]