Felicity Huffman Embraces The ‘Golden Age’ Of Television In ‘American Crime’

Felicity Huffman is back on television. Even though it’s only a few short years since the series finale of Desperate Housewives, it’s a whole new playing field on television — especially for women.

Thanks to shows like Homeland, The Good Wife, and How to Get Away With Murder, networks aren’t afraid to take risks with their storylines and flesh out fully realized female roles for women in the industry.

Now, Felicity Huffman is back with American Crime, a show that’s already sparking interest ahead of its premiere. Speaking about how television has changed throughout her career, Huffman said that it’s now a golden age of television.

“We have the best of the best. It’s like repertory theater. They have the best writers and actors working in that medium. It’s so cool. When I did Sports Night, it was in front of a live audience. We had a laugh track. The audience doesn’t seem to brand-watch; they go where the content is. Amazon, Netflix, ABC, HBO: people are more emboldened to put out great content even if ‘it’s not what we do.’ “

Her new show, American Crime, is a racially-charged anthology based on a murder that went down. Many are describing the show as a whodunit, but with a deeper meaning.

When discussion turned to the racial politics involved in the show, Huffman shied away from discussing what side of the fence she remained on.

“It’s somewhat difficult for me to talk about the political nature of the show — it was my job to look at a very small part of the whole machine. I can say this: I think it’s unfortunate that crime in America is one of the melting pots where you get every race, religion, social class. It’s everyone from every walk of life, every background. I think that’s interesting — why John Ridley put it there. When you look at the American judicial system, you see how it affects everyone.”

Viewers are already looking forward to American Crime.

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