Mariah Anderson: 2-Year-Old Cyberbullied, Made Into Internet Meme Leaving Mother Heartbroken

Mariah Anderson was born with a rare genetic disorder called Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome. The toddler has become somewhat well-known on the internet, but not for the reasons you might expect. It’s safe to say that the picture wasn’t being passed around with a “pray for Mariah” hashtag on it.

According to My Fox 8, Mariah’s photo was turned into an internet meme, and people have been making fun of her for months. This whole thing happened after Mariah’s mother, Kyra Pringle, posted a photo of her daughter online in honor of her birthday. Evidently people got a hold of the picture, and thought it would be funny to make fun of the little girl. Thousands of people have now shared the horribly mean photo.

Pringle was heartbroken to learn what these people were doing for “fun.”

“The smile that you guys think is funny or the smile that you guys are comparing to a leprechaun, the smile that you guys are comparing to all these disgusting like… the things you are saying about my child — she’s not a monster, she’s not fake, she’s real. She is here.”

Mariah Anderson and her condition are now getting positive recognition, and the outpouring of support for her mother has been quite moving. According to Life & Style Magazine, Kyra Pringle is feeling overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of people who have taken the time to learn about Mariah.

“All I can say is thank you,” Kyra said.

A GoFundMe account that was set up well over a year ago has over $4,000 raised, mostly by strangers touched by Mariah’s story. The money is being used to help pay for medical expenses incurred by Mariah’s family as they try to make her life as comfortable as possible. At the time the account was set up, Mariah was having seizures, and needed treatment at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee (the family lives in South Carolina). As Mariah’s story is going viral, people have been donating money every hour on the hour.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mariah Anderson’s life expectancy is unclear. For this reason, Kyra says that they are just taking things one day at a time, and really enjoying their little girl while they can.

“She’s just a joy, it’s a joy to have her right now. It’s just to the point where we’re enjoying her,” Kyra said.

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]