Robber Who Killed 73-Year-Old Widow Gouged Out His Own Eyes In Prison

A man who is accused of murdering a 73-year-old widow in cold blood during a robbery at her home, has reportedly gouged his own eyes out, in two separate incidents, while serving time in jail.

The suspect, Victor Razumov Jr.’s self inflicted injuries mean he is now due for a competency hearing after what he did to himself, at the New Jersey State Prison in Trenton last December.

The accused’s attorney, Robert Baer told reporters.

“He was transported to Trenton State Prison where he apparently, according to the guards, put his own eye out and was brought to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Then he was brought back to Trenton State Prison and the next thing you know, he was back in the hospital and they’re having to take his other eye out. Now he is completely blind.”

The point of the competency hearing is in order to see if Razumov is fit to stand trial for his crimes.

The murder of Virginia Sommer took place in November 2012, when she was stabbed by Razumov in what turned out to be a botched robbery.

Razumov is also accused of stealing jewelry, selling stolen jewelry and tampering with a probation receipt by eating it.

His older brother, Alexey, is also in trouble with the law, having been charged as an accessory to the murder for driving his younger brother around town in his car, including a number of visits to pawn shops.

At the time of the robbery, police said there were no signs of forced entry in Sommer’s house.

A friend of the deceased, Marie Flaumenbaum, told the Sparta Independent, “She was intelligent and she had a good sense of humor and she’d tell it like it is, you know a hard worker. She was a wonderful person. She didn’t deserve this.”