Jenelle Evans Wants You To Think Nathan Bailed On Couples Therapy: He Reveals The Truth

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans knows what it is like to be on reality television and it is very possible that she has learned a few tricks to manipulate the reality of the situation. At least that’s what her partner, Nathan Griffith, is now accusing her of doing. It is no secret that these two have had their struggles over the past couple of months. Just before Valentine’s Day, they got in a massive fight which took place on social media.

But it sounds like both Jenelle Evans and Nathan want to work things out. This morning on social media, Nathan revealed that he had set up couples therapy for them. Clearly, he wants to work things out with Evans and stay together for the sake of their child, Kaiser. While Jenelle may have thought that a child could save the relationship, many knew it was a bad decision.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now being accused of setting Nathan up. This morning, they were supposed to go to couples therapy together, but knowing that Nathan couldn’t drive himself there due to the lack of a license, Jenelle went by herself. And Griffith has a theory.

“It’s funny I set up couples counseling for Jenelle Evans and I, but since I can’t drive she rather make me look bad on camera,” he revealed on Twitter this morning, adding, “Acting like I can’t make it. Oh well there is your “reality tv” for you.”

Of course, it is no secret that Evans likes to look like the victim on Teen Mom. If one analyzes her previous relationships, Jenelle has often made it seem like she did nothing wrong. Now, Griffith wants the world to know that he feels like he is being set up. As for Evans, her Twitter account remained silent on the matter. Surely, she won’t be happy when she learns of her partner’s accusations.

Oddly enough, Jenelle may have seen this coming. Just last night, Evans created an official PR Twitter account, where she will set the record straight on various issues, including her custody battle. One has to wonder if a statement will be made regarding this situation.

According to the Inquisitr, Evans is also dealing with the recent arrest, which gave her an additional mugshot. If what Nathan is saying is true, then these two have plenty of things to work on in couples therapy.

Do you think Jenelle Evans set Nathan up, so she could look good on Teen Mom?

[Image via Twitter]