Toronto Tire Shop Closes, Leaves Front Door Open, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

A Toronto tire shop in Canada was left wide open to burglary when the owners forgot to lock the doors last Saturday. A security camera was rolling and captured everything.

Tires Tires Limited could have been picked clean of its high-dollar merchandise that night, and five potential customers even entered the building and looked around.

The whole incident began when owner Diego Catala’s mother was allegedly distracted by a last-minute customer at the front counter and forgot to do her part to secure the store, which included flipping the sign on the door and locking it. She had even forgotten to turn on the security system.

It appears that the community of Jane and Finch proved itself to be more honest than anyone expected. Nothing was stolen, despite the fact that the 26-year-old business was left open after “closing” for the night.

Diego was surprised and grateful to the community after an opportunity to rob his store went untaken.

“They could have taken a set of tires, rims, batteries. They could have just helped themselves. But no one did.”

The Toronto tire shop camera would have caught criminals in the act, but of the five people who entered the store, none took anything. The fifth man had pulled up in a white pickup truck and after going inside, started looking through the phone book. According to the Toronto Sun, Diego said the man was probably looking for a way to contact the owner. The man had even looked at the camera and gestured at the door.

Eventually the good Samaritan left, but not before flipping the sign on the door so it read “closed.”

Diego Catala received a call from the police later that night informing him that the Toronto tire shop was still open, and believes it to be the same man who flipped the sign. He plans to reward the man for his actions, and says the man is getting a free set of tires the next time he comes by.

Diego told CityNews that he is beyond grateful to the community of Jane and Finch for their honesty.

“It’s not a bad community. They got a bad rap, but there are a lot of good people here too. I’ve worked here for 12 years … we’ve never ever had any incidents here … our customers are like our friends in a way. They look out for us. We look out for them.”

The Jane and Finch crime rate may be an unfortunate focus lately, but after an oversight at Diego Catala’s Toronto tire shop, the community proved there are some good people in it.

[Image via Tires Tires Ltd]