Shania Twain Farewell Tour: Singer Marks The End Of Her Career In 'Rock This Country' Tour

Heather Tooley

Shania Twain is marking the end of her singing career via a farewell tour that begins in June. The singer, who turns 50-years-old in August, is ready to celebrate her milestone birthday and have a great time performing in 48 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada before she hangs up her hat.

The pop country star appeared on ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday morning to make her big announcement. For the first time in 11 years, Twain is going on tour.

"It's the after-party tour. That's how I see it. It's the after-party to all of these years."

Twain's 1997 album, Come On Over, is still a top seller after all these years. In spite of her immense success, Twain is ready to say farewell.

"This is a very, very important time on the road for me. I just feel like I'm ready to hang my hat up in that regard. I just really want to go out with a bang."

Shania Twain adds that her fans are an vital part of her shows and that she finds her own strength after observing it in others.

"I think that's why I love being with the fans. I love getting out into the audience. I like hearing their stories. I like talking to them during the show."

For a complete schedule of where and when Shania will be performing on her tour, CMT released a list of the cities she'll be traveling to. She'll go from Seattle and make her way through Canada in the month of June then hit the East Coast portion of the U.S. in July before making her way to the Midwest then having her final show in Denver, Colorado on August 14.

It sounds like Shania Twain fans will see a great show in musician's farewell tour.

[Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images]