Mysterious Green UFO Spotted Moving Across The Night Sky In Birmingham U.K. [Video]

A group of stunned friends captured shaky footage of a strange green UFO flying in the night sky above a Birmingham suburb in the U.K.

One of the friends decided to record the mysterious glowing object, and uploaded the video to YouTube with the message – “UFO spotted in Birmingham B31.”

“Me and my friends watched this green object change direction in an unusual way in the night sky then disappeared in a flash.”

A second video, which seemed to have been shot shortly after the first one, was also posted by the group. This footage, however, appeared to have been taken from a quiet residential street, and shows the UFO once again displaying strange maneuvers overhead.

One of the friends could be heard saying, “What the heck it that? Where’s it going?”

With another shouting in the background, “Oi it’s back. Oi Zac, it’s back.”

This UFO sighting joins the recent rising number of others that are conveniently being captured by handy cell phones, stationary cameras and even live TV.