Caroline Bailey: Bullied Teacher Allegedly Subjected To ‘Strategic Bullying’ By Other Teachers Found Hanged

An inquest is currently being conducted for the death of Caroline Bailey, a bullied teacher who committed suicide by hanging herself. According to Mirror Online, Caroline Bailey, a religious studies teacher, reportedly suffered from “strategic bullying” by faculty and staff. Bailey, an educator for 23 years, was a teacher at Broad Oak High School.

The fatal incident reportedly occurred shortly after one of Bailey’s colleagues received a promotion instead of her. Daily Mail reports Bailey was fixated on work and determined to be as successful as she possibly could, often overlooking the achievements she’d already accomplished. Although school officials also described the 46-year-old teacher as an “outstanding classroom practitioner who always put children first,” there was reportedly an underlying issue Bailey faced when dealing with other teachers.

For years, she was reportedly a subject of ridicule, often criticized by other teachers. The alleged bullying tactics and pressures from her recent promotion led to her heightened bouts with depression, insomnia, and anxiety. She often made a gratuitous effort to avoid interacting with staff and faculty members. Her husband, Neal Connor, recently shared details about how stressful work had become for her. He also expressed that he believes she was a victim of strategic bullying.

“She had been suffering from panic attacks while she was at work. She had felt them a couple times whilst she was teaching. She made a comment later following that it had gone on for a couple of weeks prior to finishing work. She had also felt the same sort of feeling when she had been in the presence of a couple other members of staff as well to the point that since December I noticed she had not been eating properly at home and I believed the same going on at work. She avoided going to the staff room on multiple occasions basically because she did not want to be, she wanted her own time, she did not want to be in the presence of certain staff. She locked herself in her own class room for dinner. She had problems with members of staff at work and in my opinion it was a form of strategic bullying.”

“There were ongoing issues from school and they were on her mind. She was made aware that a person was promoted above her position and she came out with comments like ‘I have nothing,’ and called herself ‘stupid.'”

Her bouts with depression reportedly led to her hospitalization at the psychiatric unit at Fairfield Hospital. On the morning of Sept. 2, she asked to leave so she could get a newspaper. Unfortunately, she never returned. Caroline Bailey was later found hanging in a nearby quarry.

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