‘Sister Wives’ Divorce: Robyn Brown’s Tweets More Revealing Than Tell-All Special

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown had a lot to say about Meri’s decision to divorce Kody so that he could marry his youngest wife. Robyn didn’t get to share much of her side of the story during the tell-all special that aired after the show’s season finale, so she used Twitter to respond to fan’s questions about the divorce. She even faced a few of her haters head-on while tweeting about her ex-husband, her feelings about her sister wives, and the role her kids played in Meri’s decision to relinquish her legally-married status to Robyn.

During the tell-all special, the Sister Wives stars spent a lot of time reassuring viewers that the restructuring of the family wouldn’t change anything. However, many fans are convinced that Robyn will benefit from being Kody’s only legal wife, and a SheKnows writer even speculates that Kody and his favorite spouse will split from the rest of the Browns to enjoy a legal, monogamous marriage. However, Robyn revealed that Kody was actually having a hard time letting go of his legal marriage to Meri.

During the season finale of Sister Wives, viewers found out that the divorce and marriage plan was put into action so that Kody Brown can try to legal adopt Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage. Some fans weren’t buying Robyn’s claim that her kids immediately started calling Kody “dad” on their own accord.

Robyn’s sister wives backed up her claim that Kody is more of a father to her kids than their biological dad.

Robyn Brown also responded to accusations that she bad-mouthed her children’s biological father during the Sister Wives finale.

In 2011, Robyn claimed that she divorced her first husband, David Preston Jessop, because he was abusive. According to E! News, she shared this shocking revelation on Twitter.

During her recent impromptu Twitter Q&A, the Sister Wives star responded to another old report about some purchases she made at Victoria’s Secret while she was married to her first husband. In 2010, Hollywood Life reported that Robyn had major money problems before her divorce. Her debts totaled $32,000, and they included $1,000 spent at Victoria’s Secret. Many of her critics assumed that she dropped a G on lingerie, but now Robyn Brown has set the record straight.

“Victoria Secret debt was for long sleeved shirts and longer pants and longer pjs,” Brown wrote. “I have very long legs so I had to special order them back then. That debt is paid. People are sure hung up on that.”

Robyn also responded to criticism that springing the divorce news on poor Janelle in front of the Sister Wives cameras was a cruel move — Janelle was so shocked that she had to tell the producers that she had no comment on the matter. However, Robyn says that the surprise was a necessary evil — she didn’t want people to think that the moment was scripted. As the Inquisitr previously reported, this season’s divorce storyline had many viewers speculating that the drama wasn’t real. However, Robyn revealed that her crying on the show wasn’t fake, and she complained that the Sister Wives editors never leave any of her sobbing scenes on the cutting room floor.

Even though many Sister Wives viewers are convinced that Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife, she admits that she still gets jealous of Meri, Janelle, and Christine.

Many fans want to know if David Preston Jessop has given up his parental rights so that Kody Brown can adopt Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. However, Robyn declined to answer this question.

According to the International Business Times, Season 6 of Sister Wives will likely focus on the Brown family’s fight to make Robyn’s children official members of their family. Are you looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the Browns now that they’re legally restructured?

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