Oscar Pistorius Goes From Luxury To Tinned Food And Fear In Prison

If anyone has been wondering what’s happening with the former South African Olympic hero, Oscar Pistorius, wonder no more. Pistorius is not a happy boy and is living in fear of being poisoned.

Convicted of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steinkamp back in 2013, Pistorius received what many considered to be a light sentence for his crime after he was sentenced to five years in prison for culpable homicide.

Back in mid February, The Week had reported that Pistorius was being permitted all kinds of special treatment in prison, including hugs from visitors, a personal radio, and permission to wear jewelry. He had been upgraded from a Category B prisoner to Category A, which led to all kinds of privileges, including extra money to spend on chocolate and other luxuries at the prison tuck shop.

Oscar Pistorius
The “Blade Runner” in better days.

However, despite the fact that the amputee athlete was feeling so much better at that time, things have apparently changed. The former “Blade Runner” is now apparently surviving on tinned food that he buys from the tuck shop because he fears being poisoned by other inmates.

Oscar Pistorius had, apparently, received several threats from fellow prisoners at the Kgosi Mampuru II prison that he would be poisoned, and Pistorius is not taking any chances.

Due to his limited diet purchased from the tuck shop, he has apparently lost a lot of weight. In fact, so much weight that his prosthetic legs reportedly no longer fit him correctly. According to IOL, experts on prosthetics say that this could lead to sores, blisters and infection on what is left of Pistorius’ legs if the situation continues.

The Week had mentioned that Pistorius has one friend in prison, a Czech fugitive by the name of Radovan Krejcir, who is awaiting trial. As Krejcir has not yet been convicted, he has access to privileges like exercise equipment and television, which he was reportedly sharing with Pistorius.

It seems Pistorius is now too depressed to take his friend up on the offer any longer and he lives in pretty much a solitary state these days.

According to IOL, Pistorius has a single cell in the hospital wing of the prison. Other inmates have described this as a “bachelor flat” in comparison with their own regular cells. This is most likely one of many reasons why people are threatening to poison him.

However, the cell isn’t exactly luxurious. The toilet is, apparently, right next to Pistorius’ bed and, while authorities were going to build a special bath for him due to his handicap, plans fell through after other inmates complained of the special treatment he was receiving.

Pistorius is expected to see parole and be out of prison in October this year, whereafter he will serve the rest of his sentence under correctional supervision.

Apparently, the state is still not happy with the light sentence Oscar Pistorius received and is still appealing the conviction. It seems Pistorius is also appealing that appeal.

[Photo: Pool / Getty Images – Pistorius running Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Elvar Pálsson]

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