UFO Red Flash Near Space Station Seen On New NASA Video — Another Laser Blast In Space?

The fifth UFO sighting at the International Space Station since last October turned up in a NASA video feed Tuesday, and it didn’t take long for a hard-working UFO hunter to get the video excerpt up on YouTube, where anyone can take a look and decide what the bizarre phenomena could actually be.

In this UFO space station sighting, not only is a mysterious white dot clearly visible hovering in the distance against the blackness of space, seemingly watching the space station as it orbits the Earth at almost 5 miles per second — but the white UFO is suddenly accompanies by a red flash of some kind.

Watch the video above, discovered and posted by the prolific YouTube UFO archivist Streetcap1, and decide for yourself. Is this just a trick of the light, or an imperfection in the video?

The “flaw in the video” explanation is one of the more common explanations favored for the rash of UFO sightings around the International Space Station.

Another expert, James Oberg, a former NASA space engineer, has also noted that what he calls “space dandruff” has turned up in photos and film ever since human space flight began.

“It shouldn’t be surprising that only half a century later, most folks watching YouTube videos are still totally flummoxed by what they understandably and excusably can’t comprehend,” Oberg told the Huffington Post U.K. last month.

Here is the mysterious red flash in a still frame from the NASA video. Note also the white dot above the red flash, slightly to the right.

UFO NASA red flash

But before you decide that the latest red flash seen in the above NASA video is nothing but “dandruff,” bear in mind that a similar phenomenon occurred in December, when a UFO was sighted apparently shooting a laser in the direction of the space station.

In that occurrence, NASA announced that the red flash was not “dandruff” but was in fact exactly what it looked like — a laser beam. But instead of an alien laser fired by a UFO, the laser was said to be a test of the Optical Payload for Laser Communcation, or OPALS, system, run in part by NASA from its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.

Read the Inquisitr coverage of the December space station laser blast at this link, and compare what can be seen in that video to the red flash in the video spotted Tuesday at around 5:30 p.m. United States Eastern Time, and decide for yourself. Is this a UFO and its laser beam? Another test of the NASA laser? Or something else?

[Image: NASA/Getty Images]