Dragon Ball Z: Frieza’s Back, Kicking ‘Posterior’ & Taking Names?

Unless you’ve been sleeping under multiple rocks, you know Dragon Ball Z ended the Frieza saga a long time ago. Well, it seems there was a glitch. He’s back.

Indeed, the infamous Frieza seems to continue to return every couple of years or so. Having been destroyed three times already — including once in the underworld — Frieza appears to be competing with Broly for the most resurrections. If you don’t know of Broly, he’s the legendary super saiyan. He’s the type to bring even the proud Vegeta to his knees.

Dragon Ball Z - Broly Brings Vegeta To His Knees
Credits: Deviant Art | Ed Stir Characters drawn to scale. Yes. Broly is that huge.

Well, aside from possibly bringing you up-to-speed on the characters, the new DBZ movie is called Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F(Resurrection of Frieza) — it’s no coincidence it’s named that, especially since it’s about Frieza’s continual need for rebirth. In this movie, he takes a golden form. He must’ve been training like crazy in the Netherworld, like day-in and day-out — eating, sleeping, and breathing energy. Surely, Frieza didn’t come back just to floss all his new gold, right? Then, again, maybe he did. The following photo does look pretty flossy, and he’s just standing there for everyone to behold. Frieza’s such a glory hog.

Frieza Flossing In His New Gold Form - Dragon Ball Z
Credits: Saiyan Island

If you know Frieza, then you know this new form is going to be one he gloats in front of everyone, dishing nothing but condescension to everyone who isn’t wearing gold. As Dragon Ball Z is known for its unusually lengthy dialogue and “constipation” stares, it should be one to keep your attention as well as keep you frustrated.

From this DBZ movie, the plot is set as the last portions of Frieza’s army gather on Earth like 2 Live Crew at Spring Break. Somehow, they found all the dragon balls and decided to wish for Frieza’s revival, and it happened.

You can check out the trailer below. It’s in Screaming-Japanese. If you don’t know the language, you’ll at least hear when they’re yelling “Frieza.” Possibly, even Frieza yells his own name a few times — that’s before he starts slapping everyone around like he’s Rick James.

Frieza Is So Cocky - Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of Frieza
Credits: Saiyan Island

This golden Frieza seems reminiscent of the revamped part-cyborg one, just before Trunks came out of nowhere and sliced his soul from existence. Will this movie have a similar ending?

Why can’t Frieza stay dead? What are your thoughts about the new Dragon Ball Z movie?

[Featured Image via Saiyan Island]