C.J. Pearson: Georgia Boy Banned From Facebook After Making Video Criticizing Obama?

Tara Dodrill

Georgia 12-year-old boy C.J. Pearson was suspended from Facebook for "suspicious activity" after making an extremely popular video criticizing President Obama. Pearson's viral video stated that President Obama was not "willing to defend our country" and uttered support for former NYC Mayor, Rudy Guiliani.

C.J. Pearson found out that his Facebook account had been suspended when a friend mentioned it to him late last week. Figuring that his Obama video could have something to do with the sudden removal from the social network, the Georgia middle school boy did not hold back when criticizing the powers-that-be at the social media company.

The young man accused Facebook of squashing dissent on the social media platform. C.J. Pearson reportedly has both a public Facebook page and a personal account. It was his personal account which was deactivated by Facebook after the anti-Obama video went viral.

The Georgian 12-year-old boy demanded that Facebook explain why his account had been suspended. The reason given was short and to the point, they social media giant said that his page was banned because he is just 12. Facebook policy reportedly states that no one under 13 can have an account, but many children do have their own Facebook pages, they simply are not honest about their age when signing up.

"I would consider that complete malarkey. Because in all honesty, there are many, many, people younger than me who have a Facebook account," Peterson stated during an interview with Fox D.C. "I will not stop here. You cannot silence a voice that deserves to be heard. And I will continue to make as many accounts as possible. Time and time again, Facebook has shut down many conservative accounts after they decide to speak up."

The perceived Facebook bias against conservatives prompted the creation of Tea Party Community, a GOP version of Facebook which boasts basically all of the same options as the social media giant.

What do you think about C.J. Pearson being suspended from Facebook? Does the website show bias against non-liberals?

[Image via: C.J. Pearson Facebook page]