Woman Who Accused Cop Of Offering Her Sex Or Jail Claiming $25 Million

A New Jersey woman who claims that a city police officer forced her to repeatedly have rough sex with him or face jail for shoplifting is suing the city in a civil lawsuit for damages in the amount of $25 million.

The officer in question, Braheme Days, who also shot and killed Jerame Reid in December, 2014, is accused of demanding sex more than once with Shakera Brown, who is bringing the suit, claiming that Days said to her, “There are two ways we can handle this: I can take you to jail, or we can handle this in an adult manner.”

The suit goes on to claim as follows.

“This action arises out of the unspeakable and egregious acts of a Bridgeton, New Jersey police officer, Braheme Days, who for a period of more than a year usurped his police authority and grossly abused the public’s trust by engaging in acts of sexual extortion, false imprisonment, and intimidation of Plaintiff Shakera Brown, by forcing Ms. Brown to engage in unwanted sexual acts. If Ms. Brown refused, Officer Days threatened to arrest Ms. Brown and send her to jail.”

Apparently, the cop met Brown late in the January of 2014, when he approached her in his car outside Rite Aid. He had been called there on a shoplifting charge and said that Brown fitted the description of the suspect he was looking for.

When Days threatened her with jail, Brown claims she pleaded with him that she couldn’t leave her children, but then Days allegedly said to her, “Then, I guess we’re going to handle this in an adult manner,” repeating what he had said before.

The suit continues that, “Ms. Brown left her house and walked to a nearby secluded street, which was not easily visible or accessible from the main road, where Officer Days was waiting in his police vehicle.”

Even though Brown claims she made an official complaint to a Lieutenant Slabado of the Bridgeton Police Department, and he had promised to investigate, that never happened.

On top of the cool $25 million Brown is claiming from the city, she is also seeking punitive damages, which will be set by a jury.