New York Man Busted By Cops For Driving With Wooden Dummy In Carpool Lane

A man from Long Island, New York, was allegedly caught driving in a carpool lane with a passenger, but the police state he wasn’t allowed to do that. While everyone else is allowed to do it, he can no longer bring his passenger with him in the high-occupancy vehicle lane because it’s simply a wooden dummy with a sweatshirt on.

Fox 8 reported that James Campbell, 56, was pulled over by a Suffolk County Highway Patrol officer for speeding this past Friday. It was then that Campbell was asked for identification for his passenger, whose face was obscured by a hoodie.

The passenger didn’t comply to the request of the officer and it’s because he couldn’t since he is just a wooden dummy. Campbell explained the situation.

“He said, ‘Passenger, can I see some ID?’ And I said, ‘Officer, I don’t think so.’

“I was trying not to laugh at the guy because I thought it was quite silly,” Officer Jonathan Abrams stated. He noted that the figure appeared to be made of “large Popsicle sticks.”

Campbell said that he didn’t want to be late to his new job so that was why he started using the wooden dummy in the carpool lane. He also has no intention of giving up his carpool mate anytime soon either.

“I’ll change his [the dummy’s] outfits.”

The wooden dummy has been used “for months” in the HOV lane as Campbell has said, per UPI.

When Abrams pulled Campbell over, he soon realized “that the front seat passenger wasn’t human.” He’s been cited time and time again for speeding and occupancy violations, but he’s just not going to change his ways.

Actually, after being busted on Friday morning, Campbell used the wooden dummy to drive home in the carpool lane on Friday evening. This is because Abrams didn’t end up confiscating Campbell’s “passenger” and it allowed him to use it again.

For now, the excuse of getting to his new job on time didn’t work for James Campbell as he did get a summons for using the carpool lane with the wooden dummy. It’s not going to stop him though as he thinks it’s “fun.”

James Campbell from Long Island, New York, is going to keep on using his woody dummy companion in the carpool lane. If he ends up being confiscated by police, Campbell has already made it known that his friend has “a sister” who “wears a tutu” and she sometimes rides with him.

[Image via Fox 8]