Tamir Rice: Cleveland Boy’s Mother Responds To Police ‘Blaming’ Youth For His Death

Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Cleveland police in November. Rice’s mother, Samaria Rice, and her attorneys are planning a press conference today to address wording in court documents which she reportedly feels blame the boy for his own death. Tamir Rice, 12, brandished a pellet gun at the Cleveland police officers who were called to a park to investigate a man with a gun. The Cleveland police officer reportedly told the youth to freeze and put his hands in the air, but Rice did not comply.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson uttered a public apology yesterday in regards to the Tamir Rice court documents referenced by his mother. Mayor Jackson said the report was “poorly worded” and “offensive.” The city is reportedly in the midst of modifying the Tamir Rice court documents. The text the Cleveland Mayor referred to stated that Tamir Rice “failed to exercise due care to avoid injury.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the family of Tamir Rice lobbied for the release of the police video of the fatal Cleveland shooting. A surveillance camera in the park reportedly captured Tamir Rice waving a realistic-looking toy gun and sparking concerns by citizens, who called the police to the scene. The Rice shooting was recorded almost in its entirety on the surveillance footage. Cleveland police officials initially refused public records requests for a copy of Cudell Recreation Center’s fatal video.

Samaria Rice previously said she is “looking for a conviction” of Cleveland police officer Tim Loehmann. Rice also claims that her 14-year-old daughter was detained by the police moments after Tamir was shot. The Rice family has filed a wrongful death suit against the two police officers who confronted the young man in the park.

Tamir Rice’s mother also alleged that the Cleveland police officers who shot her son “tackled and handcuffed” her 14-year-old daughter, and threatened to put her in the back of the police cruiser if she “didn’t calm down.” Tamir Rice reportedly got the toy gun he was waving in the park, which the Cleveland police officers thought was real, from a friend – according to his mother.

Reverend Jawanza Colvin stated during a press conference with Samaria Rice that a 21-month Department of Justice investigation revealed “systemic deficiencies” in the Cleveland Police Department’s use of deadly force policies and training. Colvin also claimed DOJ report concluded that the department needs new leadership. “It has become apparent to us that there is not the ability to implement necessary reforms.”

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