WWE News: Samoa Joe Officially Signs A Contract With WWE?

In the last few weeks, Samoe Joe left TNA, made an appearance in last week’s Ring of Honor pay-per-view, and made headlines across the pro-wrestling landscape with rumors of his eventual debut in WWE. The only problem is, there was no contract signed. Rumors sprung up about interest in Joe a few days after he left Impact Wrestling. Paul Heyman even tweeted interest in the former-TNA Heavyweight champion.

Yesterday on the Inquisitr, it was reported that Samoa Joe wasn’t going to WWE, but rather Ring of Honor. Joe’s agent said his client wasn’t accepting any more dates after April 23. Coincidentally, the next NXT Takeover special is on April 22. There might be a connection there, as the WWE is interested in Joe.

In the last hour, we’ve received breaking news on the Samoa Joe situation. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Samoa Joe is on the verge of signing a WWE contract.

“He noted that there may not be a signed contract yet, but they’ve been negotiating and it looks like a deal will be made, if it hasn’t already.”

“No word yet on whether he’ll be working in NXT before he goes to the main roster.”

If Joe does sign a WWE contract, should he start in NXT? In the last few weeks, Rhyno and the Brian Kendrick both made returns to WWE’s developmental system. One of the reasons why they didn’t go to WWE’s main roster is because of NXT’s fun environment and new blood. That’s not a knock on WWE’s main shows at all, but NXT is the hottest thing going in pro wrestling. Triple H should be very proud.

Samoa Joe would make an excellent addition to WWE. Granted, his professional wrestling history is flooded with awards and championships, the impact he could have on the NXT roster is unthinkable. Finn Balor and Hideo Itami, both, who traveled the world like Joe, started in NXT. They didn’t lose a step; in fact, they’re getting more time than they probably would have on WWE Raw or WWE Smackdown.

WWE would land a gold mine if they were able to officially bring Samoa Joe to the WWE. NXT is already hot, but adding a superstar that is still in the prime of his career, there is no negative outcome that could possibly come from this. On top of his presence, he would be able to teach the younger guys and incorporate his style of wrestling at NXT. This is only step one in bringing the Samoan Submission Machine to the WWE.

[Image via stillrealtous.com]