Jillian Jacobson Dead Of Apparent Suicide: Students Grieve After Finding Mrs. Jacobson Suspended From Ceiling

Jillian Jacobson was found hanged in a classroom on Monday morning in an apparent suicide. According to Huffington Post, students at El Dorado High School in California were left traumatized and shocked when they went to their photography class, and found their teacher suspended from the ceiling. Upon arriving to class, the door was locked, which was strange. The kids were able to get another teacher with a key, but once the door was opened, those waiting got a sight that they just couldn’t un-see.

“Right away we knew something really horrible had happened,” said freshman Tessa Hoover.

Jillian Jacobson was a popular teacher at the school, and she really seemed to love her job, and the kids that she taught. None of her colleagues or students said that this woman seemed depressed in any way — certainly not deeply depressed to the point where she had been struggling with her life. Police are currently conducting a thorough investigation, and hope to have a motive soon. Not only are people curious as to why Mrs. Jacobson took her own life, but many are wondering why she chose to do it at school, and if that had any real significance.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, students told the media that Mrs. Jacobson told them that her father committed suicide. Students recall being told never to take their own lives, and said that this was sort of a constant reminder about how terrible suicide is.

“[Jillian Jacobson] had a bachelor’s degree in ceramics and glass, and art education, according to a biography on a website for a children’s art camp at Cal State Fullerton. She also had a master’s degree in educational leadership. She had taught at El Dorado since 2008,” reports the Huffington Post. She seemed to really love children.

According to the LA Times, students took to social media to express their sorrow.

Today’s been a long day, all I can think about is senior year 1st period photography. RIP Mrs. Jacobson best teacher over ever had. ❤ — Sterling Archer (@atpiscitelli) March 2, 2015

It’s clear that Jillian Jacobson will never be forgotten. Students, staff, and others held a candle light vigil on Monday night. Grief counselors have been made available by the school for anyone that needs someone to talk to during this difficult time.

[Photo courtesy of KTLA video]