ISIS Latest Directives: Women Mustn’t Slap Their Thighs And No Cursing Allowed While Playing Pool

As ISIS, also known as Islamic State, strengthens its grip in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria, the militant Islamist group has issued “fatwas” or “directives” for the ways in which citizens under their control may and may not act.

While ISIS policy regarding things like adultery and being a non-Muslim is clear enough, the group is now attempting to control the very details of people’s day-to-day lives.

One such ISIS militant, Abu Umar al-Masri, who is based in Raqqa, Iraq, tweeted pictures of the fatwas, showing the ISIS logo embossed at the top of the posters.

The directives all come from on high, which doesn’t mean from God himself, but from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who has recently graced the Middle East with at least 32 different fatwas.

Among the fatwas are those telling men to refrain from swearing while playing billiards or table football, as well as telling women how and when they may dye their hair and when it’s acceptable to carry assault rifles beneath their clothes.

Other fatwas recently instituted include the directive that all ISIS fighters must hand over one fifth of all money and items looted to the terror group’s officials.

On top of that, while games like billiards are acceptable, they are apparently frowned upon by God as they are considered by radical Islam to be “trivial pursuits,” and any form of gambling is strictly forbidden.

One of the most shocking of the fatwas issued, was one proving that ISIS very much involves itself in the trafficking of human organs, as one fatwa read, “It is permissible to transplant the healthy organs of the body of an apostate to the body of a Muslim, in order to save the latter’s life or improve his condition if he has lost organs.”

That shocking directive continues in an even more shocking way, adding, “Moreover, it is established that the lives and organs of apostates are fundamentally licit. Their organs may thus be taken, whether or not the apostates are alive or already dead, and whether or not doing so results in their death.”

At least ISIS makes no attempt to hide what life is like under its control and what the rest of the world can expect in the future.