Sharleen Joynt Says Whitney Bischoff’s Sister Was Right About ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules

Sharleen Joynt left The Bachelor, season 18, after deciding it wasn’t going to work with her and then-Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. Despite her departure after episode seven of that season, she remains a part of the Bachelor franchise. She appeared at the red carpet premiere of this season’s Bachelor and uses her blog to comment on the antics of Chris Soules.

Her latest post, reflecting on last week’s “fantasy suite” dates, begins by quoting her fiancé who says it should be called just “the Suite,” since he doubts the “fantasy” aspect ever becomes reality. Joynt also comments on the staggering confidence shown by known frontrunner Whitney Bischoff, who is now in the final two, after Bischoff states outright she is going to marry Soules, even though he is still dating other women.

In a companion post for Flare, Joynt said that Chris will and should pick Whitney. He has always seemed certain about giving Whitney a rose and she seems willing to make the trip to build a life in small-town Iowa. Nonetheless, back on her personal blog, Sharleen was clear that Bischoff’s sister had a point when she declined to give her approval to the relationship while Soules was still considering other women.

“I thought Whitney’s frustrations with her sister’s ‘lack’ of approval were a bit misplaced. Is there a single person who didn’t think her sister was totally in the right last week? I suppose it was a sour note for Whitney in an otherwise perfect hometown. I still dig her sister’s mindset, though.”

Chris Soules himself said the hesitation of Whitney’s sister had a definite effect on him. His blog for People revealed that he was dismayed by not getting her explicit okay for the relationship to get serious.

“I knew how strong Whitney’s feelings were for me, and it caught me off guard that her sister refused to give her blessing. I totally understood her position, because this was a weird situation: a) she isn’t Whitney’s parent, and b) I was dating three other women. I would have loved to have received her blessing, but it didn’t affect my feelings for Whitney.”

Although Joynt has yet to blog about Monday night’s “Women Tell All” special, she had some poignant tweets about contestants Kaitlyn Bristowe, Britt Nilsson and Ashley Salter as the program aired.

Next week is the season finale of The Bachelor, when viewers will see whether he picks Whitney or Becca Tilley… if he indeed proposes to anyone at all. The Bachelor finale and its follow-up program, After the Final Rose, air Monday on ABC.

[Sharleen Joynt at Bachelor premiere: Getty Images]