WWE News: Brock Lesnar Could No-Show ‘WrestleMania 31’ – WWE Coming Up With Backup Plan

Tension has really gotten hot between WWE and Brock Lesnar in the past couple of weeks, and many thought that Lesnar being at UFC 184 this weekend was the topper. Now, with two televised dates remaining and then his main event match at WrestleMania 31, it is being believed that WWE is actually concerned Lesnar could no-show everything.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that “business issues” between the champion and Vince McMahon are what caused Lesnar to walk out of Raw last week. Specific details on what the issues were or even if they are financial aren’t yet known.

Currently, the plan is to have Brock Lesnar defend his WWE World Heavyweight Title against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31.

lesnar reigns

According to UPROXX, WWE’s creative team is worried that Lesnar could no-show the event completely. With that fear in their mind, they have approached Vince McMahon about coming up with a backup plan to have in place in case there is no Lesnar.

McMahon isn’t having it.

Apparently, the higher-up in WWE said there will be no backup plan in place because Brock Lesnar is going to be there at WrestleMania 31. McMahon has reportedly stated that if Lesnar doesn’t show up, he will sue him for breach of contract.

Meanwhile, many believe that no matter if Lesnar fulfills his WWE contracat or not, he is going to end up back in UFC before too long.

Even if Lesnar and WWE do patch things up and learn how to play nice, it’s quite possible that the champ will appear for the company just three more times. If he does leave before or after WrestleMania, there will be a gaping hole in the roster, and Roman Reigns really may not be the way to fill it.

In that regard, McMahon really should have a backup plan in place for WrestleMania 31 as well. With the unpredictability of Brock Lesnar, and what is physically written or verbally agreed upon in his contract kind of up in the air, WWE really doesn’t want to go into the event with no main event.

There are a number of things that WWE could do to fix the situation if it needs to be done. Daniel Bryan could challenge Reigns as McMahon comes out and states that Lesnar was “FI-RRRREED.”

Perhaps they could have Seth Rollins somehow win the title from Lesnar with his Money in the Bank briefcase, and now, he will face Reigns in the main event.

Whatever the case may be, Brock Lesnar is a loose cannon right now and could be a big problem for WWE. In that same breath, WWE also doesn’t want to lose him, and they may want do whatever it takes to keep him on board for WrestleMania and beyond.

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