Mommy Blogger Guilty: Lacey Spears Convicted Of Killing 5-Year-Old Son, Faces Life In Prison

A mommy blogger is guilty of killing her son after 5-year-old Garnett died from an apparent sodium overdose. According to the New York Post, Lacey Spears, 27, is facing life in prison after a jury found her guilty of second-degree murder. Spears was accused of forcing salt into her son’s feeding tube, which caused his brain to swell. He began having seizures, and eventually, he died.

“Throughout his five years, Garnett Spears was forced to suffer through repeated hospitalizations, unneeded surgical procedures and ultimately poisoning with salt, all at the hands of the one person who should have been his ultimate protector: his mother,” said District Attorney Janet DiFiore.

The mommy blogger was guilty of other things too, and she didn’t show any signs of remorse. According to the New York Daily News, jurors were shown video of Spears taking her son into the bathroom of his hospital room on two separate occasions. After each time in the bathroom, the boy would have some sort of reaction. It was clear to see that he was suffering.

Sources say that Spears loved the attention that she got from her son’s ailments, and that she purposely tried to make him have problems so that she could talk about what was going on, and almost brag in a way.

While blogging about her son’s ill health, Lacey Spears was poisoning him to death with salt.

— Sky News America (@SkyNewsAmerica) March 2, 2015

“The motive is bizarre, the motive is scary, but it exists. She apparently craved the attention of her family, her friends, her co-workers and most particularly the medical profession,” said Assistant District Attorney Patricia Murphy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, prosecutors presented disturbing information during the trial, which lasted one month. When Garnett was dying, the DA says that Spears was busy trying to cover up the crime — that she made a call to a friend to try to devise a plan to hide the child’s feeding bags, which were filled with salt. These bags were used as evidence against Spears in court.

“After she poisoned him and this little boy lay dying in the hospital … what does she do? She’s not by his side. She’s not comforting her son … this mother, this innocent mother, is on the phone, calling her friend to cover up the crime,” Assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd said.

Spears will learn her sentencing on April 8. Spears’ attorney plans to file an appeal. Stephen Riebling says that there wasn’t any “direct evidence” that showed Spears poisoning her little boy. He also claims that the hospital video “was edited,” and that any footage that showed a compassionate side of Spears was not shown on purpose.

Spears did not show any emotion throughout the court process and didn’t shed one tear over her son (publicly).

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