Did Katie Maloney End Her Feud With Stassi Schoeder After ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 3?

Have Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder mended their friendship since filming wrapped on Vanderpump Rules Season 3?

In a March 2 interview with Bustle, Katie Maloney addressed the drama of Season 3, as well as her relationships with boyfriend Tom Schwartz and former best friend Stassi Schroeder.

“It was definitely a big growing time for me … obviously with the drama surrounding my relationship with Tom.”

During Season 3, Katie Maloney’s boyfriend admitted to cheating on her after weeks of speculation regarding the issue. Then, a few episodes later, Schwartz attempted to mend things with Katie Maloney, who has expressed interest in wanting to become engaged, by giving her a ring on a string.

As fans of the show saw, Katie Maloney was far from thrilled at the gesture, as she felt it wasn’t much of a step in the right direction. Although Schwartz meant well, the gift felt childish to Maloney, and she worried if her partner would ever be ready for marriage.

After filming, things between Katie Maloney and boyfriend Schwartz have improved, but they still aren’t engaged.

“Me and Tom are still a work in progress but we’re good. Since the summer, when we finished filming, Tom changed his attitude and has come a long way. The mutual respect is back and I have restored my trust in him.”

As for her relationship with Schroeder, Katie Maloney said they were never able to get their relationship back on track.

“With Stassi, it is unfortunate what happened between us as she is going in one direction and I’m going in another. I just wish she could have seen that. With Scheana we had always been kind of friends, but now I have found a real friend in her and we are happy. As difficult as it was, though, I found out what my priorities are. I have the tendency to concern myself with others’ happiness and then I fall short.”

After Katie Maloney made amends with her co-star, Scheana Marie, Schroeder cut ties with her, noting their new relationship as a complete betrayal by Maloney. For Maloney, being civil with Marie allowed her life to be less stressful. While the two were once unable to be in the same room, they are now close friends, and because of Marie’s friendship with Schwartz, it’s actually been beneficial to Maloney’s relationship.

Sadly, Schroeder didn’t understand Maloney’s motives.

As the Inquisitr reported, Schroeder recently claimed Katie Maloney embarrassed her by becoming friends with Marie. In a Bravo blog, Schroeder confirmed her friendship with Katie Maloney was over after she failed to tell her about making amends with Marie.

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