Trina Was In Real Estate Before Becoming A Rapper? Wow!

The Hip Hop community definitely knows Trina as a rapper. However, did you know she went to school for real estate and was actually in the industry once?

When you see successful musical artists — like Trina — it’s easy to forget they had lives and other plans or goals outside of pursuing music. In some cases, their paths weren’t even the ones initially chosen. Similar to Trina, several celebrities have gone to school for other things before or while pursuing “feeble” endeavors. In her case, her major was real estate.

Don’t think that Trina is someone who doesn’t know anything or just — all of a sudden — started rapping about being the “baddest.” Trina had an interest in business prior to the rap game, and it’s not “hype” for her. It’s a passion. In an interview video with Vlad TV, she speaks on the topic and lets it be known that rap wasn’t an interest at first.

“Um, before I did the record with Trick, I just had finished real estate school…it’s something I liked a lot. I had gotten a little job at this real estate company, E.R.A., and I was working with this office. It was [for] a couple of weeks, and right before I was about to show a few properties, Trick called and asked me to do a record for him.”

Isn’t that something? This is why you are to never judge a book by it’s cover, as cliche as that may sound. Just because someone takes another path in life doesn’t mean that that’s all he or she knows.

As she continues in the interview, Trina actually says that she thought Trick Daddy was a little nuts for wanting her to do it, at first. That’s possibly how far away from the craft she stood. Interestingly enough, he only wanted Trina to do a little “confrontational” talk while on the track, not necessarily “rapping.” Afterwards, she actually was denying other studio calls other artists were requesting of her. Trina would tell them that she didn’t want to be a rapper but that she only did it as a favor. Funny how things can start, right?

Trina's Interview With VladTV And Mentions That She Was In Real Estate Before Becoming A Rapper II
Credits: Vlad TV | YouTube

Nevertheless, since Trina finished the school. It’s documented that she knows how to get money outside of the music industry in a substantial way.

Also, just because you don’t hear about Trina buying properties, it’s possibly the case that she hasn’t allowed her degree to go to waste. Most successful people tend to have more than one stream of revenue. Though Trina has several streams of income through music and performances, would it hurt to have similar residual monies coming through tangible properties? Nope, it would only benefit.

It certainly gives further clarification as to why she refers to herself as “the baddest b***h.” Accordingly, Trina’s net worth is probably far more than people think. As an intelligent person, you don’t tell everybody everything about all you’re doing. There are some people whose entire lives are public. However, like Trina, there are many celebrities who choose not to have every waking minute made public — like Dakota Fanning, totally out-of-genre but just an example of another highly-successful, semi-private celeb.

If you would like to see this part of Trina’s interview, it’s found below. The full interview can be found at Vlad TV’s official site.

So, now that you know this tidbit about Trina, does it make you look at her in a different light? Do you think she has definite cause to call herself “the baddest b***h”? Share your thoughts.

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