The Dress Debate: Man Gets Dress Tattooed, Congress Weighs In On Dress Color

With the dress debate continuing to rage on a full three days after the topic went viral on Thursday, everyone is reacting differently. From a man getting a tattoo of the dress and congress members weighing in on the “great dress debate,” to sparking smaller debates about the dress tattoo and Speaker Boehner tweeting at work, everyone has something to say about the great dress debate.

According to BuzzFeed, Daniel Howland from Texas got tattooed the black and blue version of the dress onto his leg because, “why not?”

Howland, 24, works in a tattoo and body piercing shop with colleague Nick York, 19, who gave Howland the tattoo, reportedly free of charge, according to BuzzFeed. When asked why get the dress tattooed, Howland said he did it as a joke, that he had a bare place on his calf and he just went for it.

According to BuzzFeed, Howland said as follows.

“I keep up with social memes and I see all of this stuff going around … This is the one thing that I couldn’t wrap my brain around.”

Which is why when he decided to tattoo the black and blue version of the dress, he obviously knew it would not be complete without also tattooing the words, “White and Gold?” in honor of the great dress debate.

Little did Howland know that the dress tattoo he got as a joke would spark its own little debate. The joke move completely earned the respect of some people while entirely outraging others.


Tattooists and piercers are not the only people debating the black and blue (or white and gold and quite possibly blue and brown, but if not, then it definitely periwinkle and gold) dress issue.

Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and countless other celebrities have decided which color dress they see as well, according to the Inquisitr.

What is surprising to some, however, is that even some members of congress have decided to weigh in on the dress debate on Friday and Saturday, according to the Washington Post.

While most congress members waited for a free moment to tweet their opinions about the dress, Speaker John Boehner tweeted at at 1016: a.m. that “#TheDress is blue and black.”

This is about the same time Congress was supposed to have been debating the Department of Homeland Security funding bill, and whether the speaker would bring it to the floor for a vote or not, according to CNN.


According to CNN, a one-week extension to DHS funding was eventually approved at the very last minute, but not until the entire day wasted away with one failed vote on a thee-week extension and many hours of arguing back and forth.

One constituent called Speaker Boehner on it, saying that tweeting about the dress made it look as if Speaker Boehner was not doing his job.


What color is that dress? The blue and black version of the Roman Originals branded dress is one of four colors available to order, according to the website where the dress is available for sale. According to the New York Daily Mail, the dress maker, Roman Originals, confirmed that the dress in the photo is the blue and black version.

The other thee dress colors include pink and black, ivory and black, and red and black. Gold and white are not an available color, as reported by Inquisitr, and neither is blue and gold, another color someone reported seeing.

Some versions of the white and gold dress photos are doctored, and made to look white and gold artificially via lighting, saturation, hue, and other changes to the photo properties. This is evidenced by the background colors changing in each of the photos, getting lighter or darker as the dress does.

This is a trick that anyone can do using Photoshop, which Deadspin used to uncover the actual colors used in one of the dress photos — the dress is blue and brown here.

The truth is that while there are multiple reasons as to why some people look at the same photo and see different dress colors, the specific color a person sees depends largely on which photo of the dress that person is looking at, not to mention that person’s genetics.

What color are you seeing when you look at the dress? White and gold, blue and black, or something else entirely?

[Photo Composite Credit: Daniel Howland via Instagram]