Mentos Man Jumps Into Bath Of Coke Covered In Mints

A man has covered his body entirely in Mentos and then jumped into a bath of coke, while he also filmed the entire incident for our enjoyment too.

You can check out the footage, which was recorded by YouTube user Hajime, below. And it’s certainly a delightful way to spend a minute of your day.

Hajime gathered together a huge amount of Mentos, which he attached to tape before he then meticulously placed these sweets across his body. Meanwhile, at the same time, he also filled up a 50 gallon bathtub with over a dozen bottles of Coke that he then readied for his experiment.

Once he was ready and had prepared himself, he jumped into the bath tub, which was later edited to the sound of grandiose classical music. And, as you probably expected, the Mentos immediately fizzed up the coke and the bath tub started to ferment. While he was in the tub he also guzzled on the coke, all while he found himself enjoying the peculiar sensation that it created.

Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, it didn’t really create the dramatic eruption that was hoped. In fact, if you’re looking to see a more ferocious coagulation of Coke and Mentos then you should check out the vine below, which sees a man wearing a suit that was made up of Mentos being dunked into a tank of Diet Coke.

Hajime, who is a Japanese YouTube star, actually posted the video to his account all the way back in July. However, it has only just started to go viral. It isn’t the first time that Hajime has experimented with both Coke and Mentos, too. He created a Coke bottle geyser, while he also made a Coke and Mentos rocket, too.

If you’re looking for more examples, the internet is chocker full of videos, clips, and vines that have seen people going to extreme lengths to mix Coke with Mentos — with explosive results.