Tavern Owner Charged With Videotaping Women In Bathroom

The president of the Rams Head Group and owner of a popular Rams Head Tavern has been charged with illegally videotaping woman in the bathroom of the company’s Savage Mill Maryland location.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Kyle Muehlhauser is facing six counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent.

A 10-month investigation into the videotaping at the tavern began in May 2014, after a woman reported that, while she was in the bathroom of the Savage Mill location, a video camera fell onto the floor next to her. Police found images of women on the camera’s memory card but could not identify them.

The detective who removed the digital camera from the bathroom said in the police report that the camera was “pointed in the direction of the toilet.”

The camera also contained blurry images of the man who installed the camera, later identified as Muehlhauser from the restaurant’s surveillance video. Police also found DNA on the camera matching the tavern owner’s in December of 2014, and that they obtained other, unidentified evidence when searching him home.

Jay Winer, managing partner for the Historic Savage Mill shopping mall in which the Rams Head Tavern was located, released a statement denying knowledge of the videotaping.

“We have been assured by the Howard County Police department that although their investigation remains active, they have no reason to believe that any Mill personnel had any knowledge of or involvement in this unfortunate and illegal activity.”

So far, there have been no reports of cameras in any of the other Baltimore and Washington D.C. locations of Rams Head Taverns or music venues.

Muehlhauser, 37, has cooperated with the investigation and turned himself into police last week. He was released on $35,000 bond. MyFoxdc reports that the tavern owner released a statement on Thursday, saying he was “devastated” over the charges, and will be changing his role in the company.

“While navigating the judicial process, I’ve decided to assume an administrator-oriented role versus an on-site operating role within the company. I am making these changes so as to not distract or interrupt the incredible customer experiences the extended Rams Head team delivers at each of our properties. I am very respectful of the 25-year Rams Head tradition and am sickened this incident has caused pain for others.

“On a more personal note, while I realize there will be a time to tell my story through the proper judicial channels, I am nonetheless embarrassed and humiliated by the recent events. The best thing for me now is to focus on myself and my family.”

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[Image via Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images]