Was Rebecca Watts Murdered? Police Seen Digging In Garden Near Girl’s Home

The search for missing U.K. teen Rebecca Watts has taken a reportedly macabre turn. The Mirror reports that forensics officers were seen digging up a garden at a home approximately six miles away from the missing teen’s home. This news comes on the heels of reports that two people have been arrested in connection to her disappearance. Now the search is intensifying, but the loved ones of the missing 16-year-old girl are preparing themselves for the worst possible outcome — the possibility that Becky has been murdered.

Police will not deny or confirm whether or not the people in custody are connected to the property that’s been searched. The Bristol home has been evacuated, its residents kept in a local motel. Agents have meticulously combed over the property, with media reports indicating that they were seen moving in and out of the home carrying bags of evidence.

These latest developments come after police had been doing door-to-door inquiries, asking members of the public if they know anything about the disappearance of Rebecca Watts — also called Becky Watts in reports. BBC News reports that officials are now asking for more support in the search for the missing Bristol teen. The news report also clarifies that a laptop computer that had been found in previous searches has been cleared of involvement with this case. It is not a piece of evidence in the search for Becky or the person(s) responsible for her disappearance.

Aside from the arrests of the two unidentified people, police have scoured at least one home, dug up a garden, searched at least one vehicle, and dragged a body of water near St. George Park where Becky vanished. So far, no evidence has been published indicating what may have happened to her, but the arrests of two people have sparked an avalanche of speculation. The hashtag #BeckyWatts on Twitter features a multitude of discussions pertaining to the teen’s disappearance, including a healthy amount of discussion surrounding what people believe may have happened to her. Social media has played a vital role in this case from day one, with news reports even covering the attention this case has attracted on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter. That attention turned into scrutiny toward Becky’s own father when he made comments about her menstrual cycle that disturbed some members of the public. The Daily Star admonished those who cast suspicion in the direction of her father, calling the folks on social media “vile trolls.”

What do you think happened to Rebecca Watts? The teen has been missing long enough now that her loved ones fear that she has fallen victim to foul play, and the discussion on social media regarding the latest developments isn’t positive. Until more details are clarified, there is simply no telling what direction this case can go.

[Photo: ITV News West Country/Becky Watts]