Android Phones Will Come Pre-Loaded With Google Wallet

Android phones have lost much ground in the course of the last year after the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, two iOS-using flagship smartphones by Apple. At the moment Android phones occupy about 47.6 percent of smartphone market, with iPhones having 47.7 percent. And you should also consider that Apple only has two flagship smartphones right now, while Android’s market share is split up between five or more smartphones, all coming from different companies that have to contend with each other as well as with Apple.

These recent developments on the market have made many people ask themselves if Apple has already won the smartphone war; however, the Inquisitr reports that iPhone 6 still may find its equal in some new models coming from Samsung and HTC.

“The iPhone may meet its match again with Samsung’s Galaxy S6, which is expected to be announced in early March. BGR, which received leaked pictures and specs of the Galaxy S6, reveals that Samsung’s next phone could bring back profits to the recently struggling Korean company.”

And this is not the only way Android-running phones are planning their counterattack. According to CNN Money, it recently became known that a number of carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, have struck a deal with Google and plan to sell new Android smartphones with pre-installed Google Wallet, an app working similarly to Apple Pay.

The Google Wallet app was first introduced in 2011. It stores credit card, loyalty card and coupon information digitally. Google Wallet users simply need to tap an NFC-enabled smartphone on a tap-and-pay credit card reader when they pay for things in stores. They can also pay with their Google Wallet accounts while shopping online, eliminating the need to enter any credit card or payment information during checkout.”

Despite having been around for quite some time, neither Google Wallet nor Apple Pay were able to attain great popularity – but it seems that Google and carriers like Verizon are aiming to make their services more comfortable for clients and teach them to trust them enough to store their financial information with them, at the same time getting some territory back from the iPhone.

However, no matter which way smartphone war is going to turn in the nearest future and whether Android phones will retain their popularity, one thing is certain: 2015 is going to be very interesting for both iOS and Android fans.