Charmayne ‘Maxee’ Maxwell, Dead: ‘If You Love Me’ Brownstone Singer Dies Mysteriously

Charmayne Maxwell, aka Maxee Maxwell, is dead. TMZ had reported that the Brownstone singer, famous for her hit song “If You Love Me,” died in an accidental fall in Denmark but is now saying that the celebrity died mysteriously after her husband found her unconscious at her home. The 46-year old singer had attended her son’s soccer game when the horrible accident took place. Here is what TMZ is now reporting.

“We’re told it looked like Charmayne had fallen and cut her neck on glass… she was bleeding profusely, but still had a pulse. Carsten called 911, and paramedics transported her to Cedars Sinai Hospital… but she had lost too much blood. We’re told she died on the way to the hospital.”

This newest information adds to the mystery of what could have happened to Maxee Maxwell.

Maxee often documented parts of her life on her social media pages, including one last image where she appeared to have injured her foot. She also often shared the good times that she spent with her wonderful friends and family.

Despite posting some of the good times in her life, some say behind closed doors the star battled problems in her relationship and depression, which escalated to at least one attempt to commit suicide—though, this has not been substantiated. Now, fans are struggling to understand what could have led to the tragic events. The details of the fall have not been made public, but her brother stated in a Twitter message that his sister died in the “most terrible way.”

Some speculate that it was suicide, others say it could have possibly happened because she lost her balance due to an earlier injury. What is important is that her passing has left her loving family and fans grieving, especially her little boy.

Though the group’s popularity waned after their successful debut in the 1990s, many fans still listened to their music, and new fans were constantly discovering their music. Today, as news of Charmayne Maxwell’s death is spread across the nation, fans remember the R&B group member fondly.

“Wow RIP I loved brownstone beautiful voices.”

“R.i.P their first album is a classic.”

“People keep asking who, who..just Google her and you’ll know who she was smh. R.I.P.”

“I’ve never heard of this group, but still it’s sad that she passed. I sincerely send my condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.”

“Rest in peace young lady.”

“omg may she rest in peace.”

“Condolences with prayers. May she rest in peace.”

Since her tragic death, a new online Facebook community has been established to remember the fallen singer, whose own father died in December.

The caption reads: Robo Maxee.

Charmayne Maxwell leaves behind her Danish husband, Carsten Soulshock, and her young son. Please check back as we add updates on this developing story. Inquisitr recently reported on the death of celebrity Ahmad Givens, who died after a long battle with colon cancer.

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