WWE News: With Brock Lesnar’s Appearance At UFC 184, Is He As Good As Gone After ‘WrestleMania’?

WWE Brock Lesnar UFC 184 WrestleMania

UFC 184 is something that fans around the world were thrilled about for so many reasons, but an extra reason was given without any notice. WWE’s own Brock Lesnar appeared ringside at the event, and word quickly spread around the internet when he met face-to-face with UFC President Dana White.

Does this mean that Lesnar is done with WWE once WrestleMania 31 is over?

Yes, that is WWE World Heavyweight Champion meeting with UFC President Dana White. They apparently were seated together at ringside, per WrestleZone, and interacted throughout the entire night’s event. That was not the only thing that Lesnar did at the event. Dave Sholler, UFC Vice President of Public Relations, said the WWE Champ was backstage as well and hyping up fighter Tony Ferguson before his bout.

After all was said and done, Dana White was asked about Brock Lesnar and if he was going to come to UFC. White, as usual, was very vague about things and said something that he has said many times before.

“I don’t know. He’s under contract to WWE. When his WWE contract is up, I’m sure he will call me.”

From there, reporters tried to get more from White since that wasn’t nearly enough info. White simply said they talked about the fights going on at UFC 184, and he said that Lesnar did ask if Frank Mir wanted to fight him again.

Recently, former longtime WWE announcer Jim Ross said that he believed Brock Lesnar would likely stay with WWE after WrestleMania 31 was over and his contract came up for renewal. He believed it was due to Lesnar’s health and WWE being a better option in that regard.

Well, this past week, Lesnar walked out of Monday Night Raw before the show began. Some have said it’s due to him being upset with the contractual side of things with WWE. Ross commented on that situation per Pro Wrestling Net.

“I have no idea what the issue may or may not be. Generally, my philosophy on matters such as this is to keep my nose out of other’s business and that these matters are usually about one of the Two C’s, cash or creative. That may or may not be the case in this matter but I’m confident that the two sides will reunite here at crunch time in attempting to build much needed momentum for WrestleMania which will be here before we know it.”

The general consensus around the internet is that WWE needs to pay Brock Lesnar whatever he wants to keep him with the company. He’s a huge asset and a gigantic draw every single time he’s even rumored as appearing at a televised event.

For WWE, if Lesnar leaves, the option will be to put the WWE Title on Roman Reigns, who is facing him in the main event at WrestleMania. Lately, the fans have turned on Reigns and aren’t nearly as high on him as they used to be. Should Lesnar decide to take off, WWE may have to do some scrambling to come up with a new plan for Reigns and the WWE Title.

Lesnar will go on to face Reigns at WrestleMania 31, and he has two televised appearances scheduled before that event. Will he be around after the end of March? Only time and money will tell.

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