Boris Nemtsov’s Murder Caught On Camera [Video]

As politician Boris Nemtsov was gunned down on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge near the Kremlin, an all-weather camera belonging to TVC Television appears to have captured Nemtsov’s murder on video Friday evening, per RT.

Video footage was also discovered of Nemtsov just hours before his brutal murder. Nemtsov met his date for the evening, Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya, at GUM department store, and the pair were recorded facing Red Square around 22:00 Moscow time before the two ended up dining together inside one of the store’s restaurants.

It is possible the couple decided to walk to Nemtsov’s nearby apartment after dinner, which took them down the path of the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, where the assassination took place, which appears to have been well thought out and planned.

According to the video, the killer was waiting for Nemtsov on the steps of the bridge. Nemtsov and his lady friend were hidden from camera view for a short time at 23:31 by a snowplow driving slowly past them. Sputnik International states at that precise moment, eight shots were fired — four of which hit Boris Nemtsov.

The killer was then spotted running into view from behind the snowplow. He quickly jumped into the passenger seat of a getaway car waiting a short distance away and fled the scene of the assassination, leaving Nemtsov to die on the pavement.

RT reports that a witness was able to give a description of the murder to the local police, which in turn revealed the information to the public in an effort to capture the gunman.

“We are looking for a man, 170-175 cm (5 foot, 7 inches) high, of regular physique, dark cropped hair. He was wearing blue jeans and a brown sweater.”

The witness was also able to obtain a description of the vehicle used by the killer, revealing he got into a silver-colored VAZ-21102 with North Ossetia number plates.

According to reports from Sputnik International, investigators are looking into at least five possible motives for the assassination of 55-year-old Boris Nemtsov. Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Investigative Committee, believes Nemtsov’s assignation could have been a means by which to destabilize the political situation in Russia.

Although, other theories are also being investigated surrounding the many threats Nemtsov had received regarding his bold stance on the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, leading some to believe ISIS may have been involved.

Other scenarios involve his opinions on the war in Ukraine, any possible business affairs, and any personal issues that could have lead to violence. His highly-publicized low opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin is also being considered.

However, regardless of Nemtsov’s opinion of Putin, the Russian president has assured everyone that he will “personally oversee the investigation of Nemtsov’s assassination,” as reported by RT. Putin describes this horrendous act of violence as “vile and cynical.”

[Photo Credit: The Moscow Times]