Jim Bob Duggar ‘Raps’: Doesn’t That Sick Beat Go Against His Beliefs?

Jim Bob Duggar Upsets Fans By Rapping

Jim Bob Duggar recently tried to prove that ultra-conservative Christianity is cool by dropping a beat. Obviously, Jim Bob isn’t going to choose an Eminem or Lil Wayne song when he attempts to rap, and a squeaky-clean Will Smith tune would even be too much for the 19 Kids and Counting star to touch. In fact, some of Jim Bob’s previous comments seem to indicate that he’s not a fan of modern Christian rap.

However, Jim Bob Duggar actually tried to spit some family-friendly rhymes last weekend. According to the Duggar Family Blog, Jim Bob and wife Michelle were attending a fundraiser at Grace Polaris Church in Columbus, Ohio, when the Duggar patriarch was invited to join Christian singer Anita Renfroe for a performance of her song “In Tha Muthahood.” In case you’re curious, it’s a rap song about the difficulties of being a mom, and there’s not one dirty word in it (unless you count the words “diaper” and “jeans”). Luckily, Jim Bob was only asked to be Anita’s “hype man,” so he only had to “rap” a few words as the Lil’ Jon to her Usher. You can check out Jim Bob trying to look fly in his gas station shades in the video below.

As you can see, Jim Bob Duggar sort of busts a move at the beginning of the video, but he spends the rest of the performance awkwardly standing around and trying really hard not to move to the music. Unsurprisingly, 19 Kids and Counting fans had plenty to say about Jim Bob and Anita’s performance, and they shared their thoughts in the comments section of the Duggar Family Blog.

“Well, she’s clever but I’m not sure what business this kind of entertainment has in the House of God,” one commenter wrote. “Would anyone invite Jesus to this????????”

“I certainly hope that TLC doesn’t air segments such as this in the future or it will be the last time my family watches this program!” another complained. “To each his own if the Duggars want to engage in such practices but I won’t be allowing this very low standard of ‘music’ in my house!”

Another fan was surprised that Jim Bob seemed to enjoy the rap song so much.

“I thought the Duggars didn’t like music other than hymns and didn’t approve of dancing?? This lady seemed so trashy. Don’t lower your standards to seem cool Duggars!! We love you how you are!”

During a 2009 interview with Beliefnet, Jim Bob Duggar shared his family’s views on music. The 19 Kids and Counting star actually admitted that he and Michelle used to enjoy rock music. However, he later decided that it was sinful to listen to secular songs, and he eventually included any “music that has a beat” on his list of banned entertainment.

“I went to a Christian seminar, actually church camp, and they talked about getting rid of secular rock music. And so, I did that,” Jim Bob revealed. “Then, I went to another conference and they were talking about how music affects people, and especially music that has a beat. It makes you want to dance. But it’s not good on your heart and your mind.”

At the time, the 19 Kids and Counting star revealed that his family only listened to two types of music: classical music and hymns. He explained that he views dancing to any kind of music as a big no-no because guys can be “defrauded” when they watch girls move and groove. In other words, he thinks dancing always causes dirty thoughts.

It’s not hard to see why many Duggar fans were so surprised by Jim Bob’s performance when you read his past comments about music and dancing. However, maybe the Duggar’s views on what constitutes wholesome entertainment are evolving. As the Inquisitr previously reported, it’s possible that they’ve changed their mind about adoption being an option for expanding their family, so their beliefs might not be set in stone. Then again, in the video above, Jim Bob does say that he and Michelle are still trying for that golden 20th biological child.

What do you think of Jim Bob Duggar’s performance? Does it go against the beliefs he previously expressed?

[Image credit: Duggar Family Official Facebook]