Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen Rachael Ramonas Likes to Party, Police Report

Rachael Ramonas, the 17 year old current holder of the Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen competition likes to party, so police discovered when they charged two dozen of her friends at her home Saturday night for underage drinking.

A tip off to local police led to officers raiding Ramonas home outside Hartford, Connecticut. Police discovered beer, rum and outstanding items commonly used for playing beer pong.

Ramonas told police that she initially invited only a few friends over while her parents were out of town, but those friends invited more friends.

24 tickets were issued, and each recipient copping a $136 fine and a 30 day driving suspension (why, we don’t know). It’s not known whether Ramonas was charged for underage drinking as well.

The Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen is associated with the Miss America pageant, and along with Miss Connecticut is a preliminary event to the national competition. The contest promotes among other things reported AP, healthy living and community involvement.