Miami Police Chief Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Two Dania Beach Prostitutes

police chief

The police chief of Miami Gardens, Stephen Johnson, has been arrested and may be charged with allegedly soliciting prostitutes on Friday at Dania Beach.

The announcement of the arrest came from none other than Mayor Oliver Gilbert, who released a statement confirming the arrest of the high-profile cop with an illustrious career behind him.

Johnson has reportedly already been fired from his position in the police force.

According to court records, Johnson is being held on a $300 bond and has not as yet appointed an attorney to defend him.

According to reports, deputies were in the midst of an undercover sting operation to bust a prostitution ring at a particular hotel on Dania Beach when they came across police chief Johnson.

As part of the sting, police placed an escort ad on a well-known website. Two female detectives then posed as prostitutes at the hotel.

The records show that Johnson called the number on the ad and agreed to pay $100 for half-an-hour with two women, both of whom were the cops.

As if his intentions weren’t clear enough, chief Johnson arrived at the hotel and having walked into the room, handed over $100 to the women. When he was arrested, he had two condoms in his pocket.

The Miami Gardens police department said in a statement about the incident, “We remain committed to excellence and integrity on every level, We will not allow Mr. Johnson’s bad judgment to reflect negatively on the hardworking officers of the City of Miami Gardens and the residents they serve on a daily basis.”

Back in May 2014, the now in-trouble ex-police chief was named as head of the department following a successful career with the North Miami Police Department.

This makes the fact he was caught, literally with his pants down, that much worse, and a blight on the already embattled Miami Gardens police department.