Car Thief Throws Brick At Mercedes: Mercedes Retaliates

car thief brick

Entry into the “Stupid Criminal Hall of Fame” is usually involuntary and an unwelcome accolade for car thiefs, burglars, and other unsavory characters. But to have the thief, criminal, or burglar caught in the act is golden, especially if the thief gets some comeuppance in the process.

And so it is with a car thief in Ireland, whose attempts to smash out the windows of a nice, white, luxury Mercedes is not only stymied again and again, but also caught on camera.

In a YouTube video, below, which has just been brought to light by Bold Ride, the car thief is hilariously showcased chucking a brick at the Mercedes’ windows, but the brick to the Mercedes is like a bullet to Superman, and impervious to the car thief’s brick throwing efforts.

The video, titled “THICK WITH A BRICK,” opens with a little bit of background, some text explaining that the car thief had been out breaking into cars for about half an hour before spying the Mercedes.

The car thief reportedly first started with rocks to break the windows of the Mercedes E Coupe, but when that didn’t work, he went in search of a brick, which he winds up and lets fly. Instead of the brick smashing through the Mercedes window, however, it rebounds back and smacks the car thief right in the face, laying him out cold.

Turns out the owner of the Mercedes, Gerry Brady, is also the owner of Pheasant pub in Drogheda, Co Louth, according to the Irish Examiner, and the pub security cameras are what caught the car thief throwing the brick at the Mercedes, and the hilarious result.

Brady had finished work at the pub, and upon arriving at his Mercedes, found the car thief, still knocked out, lying on the street. Brady assumed he had been attacked or knocked down in some other way.

After observing the damage to the Mercedes and the brick lying nearby, Brady and his pub partner began to realize what had actually taken place.

The car thief not wanting to call authorities, despite his claim that he’d been attacked, was also a giveaway, and with the security video, the case of the brick-throwing Mercedes car thief was solved and the car thief arrested.

[Image via YouTube]