Jennifer Lawrence Just Keeps Getting More Awesome, Shut Downs And Stick Ups

Even Boston Magazine is impressed with how well JLaw has taken on her current Bostonian surroundings like a local. The talented actress is in the city shooting Joy, her latest movie, and has met the brutal weather head-on like a champ, as well as with an abrasiveness that only those who have been immersed in bone-chilling temperatures and blustery conditions for too long can understand.

Although Lawrence’s latest role is in a film called Joy, the starlet seems far from joyful while trudging through the horrid Boston weather while photographers attempt to snap a pic.

Not too happy to see the paparazzi, JLaw lets them know with a simple gesture; image via Celebbuzz

As Boston Magazine explains, Jennifer Lawrence has been in Boston filming since early February “and even skipped the Oscars last weekend to browse the stores at the Prudential with her small dog in tow.”

An A-list actress like herself making the decision to forego attending such a pivotal event in the film world, such as the Oscars, is just one more reason fans love this girl. She does her own thing and makes it known that she’s not going to stop being the down-to-earth femme who stays true to her own convictions; even if it means flipping the bird to the paparazzi every so often and skipping events that onlookers expect her to attend.

Even though countless celebs often take to social media to constantly promote themselves and their work, Lawrence is one to stay away from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, as Inquisitr has recently reported, the Hunger Games leading lady jumped on the social media train for one simple reason of late — that being to shut down outlandish rumors that she and the director of Joy, David O. Russell, had a heated argument during filming.

Lawrence took to Facebook to shut the “malarky” down, as Time relayed and noted the importance of the relationship between the two.

“[Lawrence is] both the biggest star in the world at the moment and at the very center of Russell’s recent return to prominence. It’s a valuable relationship, and one worth patching up, or at least appearing to have patched up.”

Whether it’s just a patch-up job or not, Lawrence’s quick verbal praise of Russell and eagerness to dispel any negative opinion of the well-known director have assisted in making her even more endearing.

“I adore this man and he does not deserve this tabloid malarkey.”

Since the rumor began, a number of insiders have come forward to assist in dismissing the claims of the alleged row between the two.

Joy, a film in which Lawrence plays the role of the woman behind the Miracle Mop, is set to be released on Christmas Day.

[Feature image via Womenz Magazine]