Vince Russo Swerves Himself, Quits His Own Website

Vince Russo Swerves Himself, Quits His Own Website

In a career defined by questionable decisions and outrageous ideas, wrestling personality Vince Russo and his latest stunt leaves many of his fans stunned. The former lead writer for WWE and WCW announced that he is leaving his website “effective immediately.”

Previous to his Twitter announcement, Russo took to Facebook, where he proclaimed to the fans that he is done with the website and will no longer be associated with it in any way, shape or form.


As of today I am no longer associated with the website, or brand, in any way, shape, or form.

I will not be posting anything—blogs, videos, podcasts, from this point going forward. I am no way any longer associated with the site.

Please know, that if you renew your monthly membership, you will not be getting any content from Vince Russo from this day going forward. I also ask you to not buy any Vince Russo merchandise, as I no longer have access to the orders.

I will keep you all updated of my future endeavors here on my Facebook page.

As always I have been and still am very thankful for all your support.

I’ll keep you posted.



Russo, 54, has been at the center of controversy for his entire career. He first gained notoriety in the late 1990s with the World Wrestling Federation. During the company’s historic time known as the “Attitude Era,” Russo was the lead writer for the company. His “crash” and “shock value” style of writing led to the WWF becoming an edgier product which garnered a new audience.

Among the worst things that fans hold against Russo, there is nothing worse than the death of Owen Hart. The Blue Blazer, as he was known at the time, was set to make a superhero-like entrance from the top of the arena. However, a malfunction of the equipment released Hart 80-feet to his death. Although many credit Russo with the idea of having Hart come down, Russo claimed that the deceased grappler had no issues with the stunt.

After infamously leaving the federation to go to WCW, Russo’s antics and writing became an object of ridicule among wrestling fans as his outlandish storylines attracted a new level of disdain. In fact, many people attribute the eventual demise of WCW to Russo during his stint in the company’s final months.

In recent years, Russo worked behind the scenes with TNA. Once again, Russo saw his name in headlines, as he was reportedly working for the company without the knowledge of the company’s former network Spike TV. This led to Russo being fired and once again becoming the subject of scrutiny.

As for the website, Russo claimed to love the opportunities he got from the new endeavor. It allowed him to reconnect with old friends and gave him the freedom big companies did not. Therefore, it comes a huge surprise that he is quitting the website so soon and on his own accord. The website was subscription based and provided paying customers with exclusive content.

However, it seems that there will be more controversy ahead for Russo, as the website reportedly charged subscribers a day early for March content before shutting down today.

As history dictates, Russo’s name in headlines is usually never a good thing. It’ll be interesting to find out more as to why he suddenly dumped his website and what fallout will transpire because of it. But as all wrestling fans have done for years, we will continue reading about Russo just to see what his next swerve is.

[Image via TNAInsider]