Dutch Terror Owl: Like Being Hit With A ‘Brick Laced With Nails’

The Dutch are a peaceful nation of people, tall and often blonde, and it has been many years since their mighty warriors colonized other parts of the world. These days, Dutch folk are more associated with chilled out coffee shops and tulips.

However, the otherwise peaceful Dutch town of Purmerend and its residents are under attack. This time it’s serious, as the attacks are at the hands of a large and menacing owl.

Yes, an owl has some people in Holland running for cover as he swoops down on unsuspecting passersby and attacks them. What’s worse is that the attacks are random.

As one victim of a Dutch terror owl attack, Niels Verkooijen, told the Dutch news program Hart Van Nederland, “It was like having a brick laced with nails thrown at your head.”

Purmerend, which is located just 12 miles north of Amsterdam is usually a quiet an uneventful place, so the new Dutch terror owl has put Purmerend at the top of the news headlines.

So what are residents being advised to do if they are out and about and an owl swoops down on them? Carrying an umbrella seems to be the best advice that local authorities have come up with so far.

Due to the fact that the owl, a wild eagle owl, is a protected species in Holland, local authorities are not at this stage able to even catch the bird.

How do they know it’s a wild eagle owl? This is due to the fact that all other species of owl are peaceful, whereas the wild eagle owls apparently are not.

The Dutch terror owl has already attacked a number of residents, and a spokesperson for the Prinsenstichting centre said the owl had attacked at least 20 residents there in recent weeks.

And it’s no joke, as a number of those people even needed stitches after being targeted by the bird.