WWE News: John Morrison To Return To WWE As A Member Of NXT?

WWE recently brought back two past WWE superstars — Brian Kendrick and Rhyno — as part of NXT’s roster, with the idea of them eventually being coaches for WWE’s developmental brand. Now it looks like John Morrison could be joining Kendrick and Rhyno down in Florida.

John Morrison was last seen on WWE television in November of 2011, when he lost a falls count anywhere match to his former tag-team partner, The Miz. Since then, Morrison has been working on a number of projects outside of wrestling while still wrestling on a semi-regular basis.

Back on October 8 of last year, John Morrison appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast — Talk is Jericho — and said that he would never rule out a return to WWE, and actually expects it to happen one day. But at that time, he was focused on other projects.

WWE.com published an article on Friday, and named John Morrison as one of the former WWE superstars who could be the next to appear for WWE’s developmental brand. The article suggested that Morrison would return and reinvent his career the same way Tyson Kidd did. You can read the excerpt below.

“A spot as the next veteran to shake things up in Full Sail is a perfect landing space for John Morrison. In fact, if there’s one thing that could coax The Prince of Parkour back above ground, it would probably be the chance to re-invent himself from the bottom up as a WWE Superstar in the same way Tyson Kidd recently did.”

The article also teased a potential match between Morrison and NXT superstar Tyler Breeze.

“JoMo’s re-emergence as The Wednesday Night Delight would give The Lust Lizard of Love the chance to reconnect with the WWE Universe on a grassroots level and once again establish his main roster bonafides, while also giving the young’uns marinating down in the Sunshine State a chance to step up against one of WWE’s most beloved competitors, or step down as he mows them aside in glorious, glorious slow motion. What we’re trying to say is, yo, Breeze: JoMo’s gonna eat your lunch.”

WWE is looking to bring more veterans of the business into NXT as player-coaches, with the idea being that they would feud with someone on the NXT roster for a month or two, and then become a behind-the-scenes guy for the developmental territory while still making occasional appearances on television.

[Image via WWE]