'Dance Moms' Star Chloe Lukasiak Stars In Jess Godwin Video For 'Fool Me Once'

Stacy Carey

Chloe Lukasiak has left Dance Moms behind and is now dancing for Studio 19. Fans miss seeing her weekly on the Abby Lee Miller Lifetime reality TV show, but it's clear that Chloe has been keeping busy. She just had the opportunity to star in a music video and Lukasiak's fans are loving it.

Jess Godwin's song "Fool Me Once" has actually been used on Dance Moms in the past, but it wasn't Chloe who was featured dancing to it. Though it has caused some controversy with some of the show's fans, Godwin says she reached out to Chloe to be featured in her video and the two worked out an elegant piece. Jess talks about how it came to be that Chloe was her pick in a video posted to her YouTube channel.

Godwin says that she never intended to cause issues among Dance Moms fans. She notes that Chloe and Kendall had both been understudies for Maddie in the piece for the show, and Kendall did have an opportunity to perform it. Because Chloe didn't, and Jess knows what that experience is like, she wanted to give the dancer the opportunity now.

Chloe shared a behind-the-scenes video on her own YouTube page showing the work she did with Jess, choreographer Kyle Hanagami, and director Helton "Brazil" Siqueira in putting together the "Fool Me Once" video. Chloe's little sister Clara even made a few guest appearances throughout the piece.

The end result, shared via Godwin's YouTube page, is a piece that Chloe's long-time fans immediately embraced. Many have been quite vocal in the months since Lukasiak left Dance Moms about the fact that they love to see Chloe happy and flourishing, and see her relaxed and enjoying dance again. Many have also commented about how much they think the dancer has improved since leaving Abby Lee Miller's dance instruction.

Chloe may not be on Dance Moms any longer, but she's clearly not slacking or letting any grass grow under her feet. Lukasiak has been doing photo shoots, dancing and traveling, and she just had a mini-reunion with fellow dancers Paige Hyland and Nia Frazier that fans went crazy over.

While Chloe may not be doing any more reality TV at this point, fans are still following along with her projects and have a feeling they'll be seeing plenty more of her in the months to come via other venues. Dance Moms without Chloe but with Abby Lee Miller, Maddie Ziegler, Nia Frazier and several of the other girls airs new episodes every Tuesday night on Lifetime.

[Image via Chloe Lukasiak's Twitter page]