‘Madam Secretary’ Spoilers: Questions Of Loyalty Spark Big Moves By Elizabeth

Kevin Rahm joins Tea Leoni on Sunday's 'Madam Secretary'

Madam Secretary returns with new episodes beginning on Sunday, March 1, and fans are anxious to dig back into the show again. This next one is called “The Whisper of the Ax” and it is said to be the first of a three-episode arc. What Madam Secretary spoilers are available for Sunday’s return?

There will be a major crisis that Elizabeth (Tea Leoni) and her team face as Sunday’s episode gets going, but this is a new kind of challenge. Madam Secretary spoilers indicate that there will be corruption found within one of Elizabeth’s own programs, and her staff missed the signs of problems.

When Elizabeth faces questions of trust and loyalty regarding her team she brings in a consultant to help sort through the issues. Previews show that the consultant is played by Kevin Rahm, known to many for his roles on Mad Men, Desperate Housewives and Judging Amy. TV Guide shares that Rahm plays a character named Michael Barrow, and he’s definitely got a reputation.

Elizabeth inherited her current staff from Marsh, for the most part, and there have been previous questions regarding their loyalty. A new crisis pushes her to bring in help to figure out just how much she can trust them.

The questions regarding Marsh’s death, as well as her former friend and colleague George, will be a major focus of this three-part arc. Madam Secretary spoilers indicate that the biggest components of the Burke mystery will be tied up before the end of Season 1. However, the show has been renewed for Season 2 and there will be tidbits of the current mystery that carry over into what’s coming in the fall.

As CBS notes, these next three episodes will really get to the heart of the Marsh conspiracy and lay out how all of the details tie together. Spoiler TV details that Elizabeth will learn more about the woman who took the money out of that Venezuelan bank account. McCord will put together an effort to get a hold of the woman, but it doesn’t go smoothly.

A bit of the attempt to get her is seemingly referenced in the Madam Secretary spoiler previews, and the failure of the effort leads several to believe her team isn’t as loyal as she’d like to believe. It seems Sunday’s episode comes with a cliffhanger and it sounds like this will be a great episode to get fans back into the swing of this series. The “Whisper of an Ax” episode of Madam Secretary airs on CBS on Sunday, March 1, and fans will definitely want to tune in to watch.

[Image via TV Guide]