June 29, 2017
Louisiana Teenager Punches Bus Driver In The Face, Knocks Her Unconscious As He Gets Off

A 26-year-old bus driver was knocked unconscious by a 15-year-old eighth grader in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after a dispute, reports ABC News. The teenager allegedly hit the bus driver several times in the face while she was at the wheel. The teenager eventually got off the bus even as the driver lost consciousness. Soon after, the bus, whose engine was still running started to roll and gathered speed with no driver in control. It was a heroic effort by another teenager, 14-year-old Tay'veon Slaughter inside the bus, that averted a tragedy. Tay'veon jumped out to the front and hit the brakes before the bus could move too far. He also called up 911 after which emergency personnel reached the location of the incident a few minutes later.

The bus driver was eventually transferred by emergency workers to a hospital to be treated for her injuries. She was released the same day and is doing fine.

"I told them our bus driver was knocked out. The bus was still moving, so I had to step up and stop it," Slaughter later told newspersons.

According to The Advocate, the bus was carrying a group of students from the Christa McAuliffe Superintendent's Academy when the incident happened. Keith Bromery, a spokesperson from the East Baton Rouge Parish School System has lauded Tay'veon's efforts and said it was due to his efforts that a tragedy was averted.

"You had one youngster who did what he needed to correct the situation, or at least mitigate it," Bromery said.

Meanwhile, officials from the Baton Rouge Police Department have arrested the 15-year-old student accused of punching the bus driver. Officials have not released the name of the teenager who was handed over to the police by his own mother.

Slaughter, who was also an eyewitness to the incident inside the bus later told police officials that the accused student was already in an agitated state inside the bus. He allegedly threw objects out of an open window and yelled at passing cars. According to Slaughter, the teenager got even more agitated after the bus driver told him to stop. When the bus reached the stop where the agitated teenager was to get off, he walked up to the bus driver and landed several punches on her face.

The accused teenager has now been booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Juvenile Detention Center. He faces several counts of battery of a school employee, second-degree battery and aggravated obstruction of a roadway. He also stands suspended from his school and his name is being recommended for expulsion, Keith Bromery revealed.

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)