Olivia Wilde Looks Dead In New Lazarus Picture

Matthew Silbernagel

Olivia Wilde is an American actress perhaps best known for her supporting role in the American TV drama House M.D. During her stent on this successful TV drama, Wilde played a fellow doctor along side the overly eccentric and central character Dr. House. As of late however, Wilde has busied herself in the filming of the Lazarus Effect set for release in the U.S. on February 27.

In a recent tweet from Wilde, the actress jokingly mused that a recent non-retouched photo of herself had leaked.

Wilde also let on in an interview with the Daily News, that simply working on The Lazarus Effect proved to be a bit of a fright. In one scene, Wilde had to allow a dog to craw over her sleeping body. Olivia explained that in order for the dog to take an interest in her, the handlers had to hide dog treats under her hair. Wilde would further go on to state that,

"I definitely thought if I was this dog, I would attack my hair, but luckily the dog was much better behaved than I am."

Anyone who cares to take even a cursory inspection of American cinematic history will find that Hollywood has always enjoyed placing emphasis on the dead or the near dead. Such a fascination dates back to classics like Dawn of the Dead which arguably serves as the grandfather to the present zombie craze.

So while posting pictures of her deathly appearance certainly provides for a passing shock, Wilde is merely keeping with a sacred Hollywood tradition. Many movie goers will freely admit that the idea of death scares them and that being forced to confront this very fear is what keeps them coming back to the horror genre. So, if Olivia Wilde's deathly appearance in her Twitter picture is in line with the overall theme of the movie, viewers can expect to come face-to-face with this most morbid of fears via The Lazarus Effect.

[Featured Image credit to USA Today]