Large Triangle-Shaped UFO — The Size Of A Football Field — Filmed Over Mississippi [Video]


A woman filmed a UFO in the sky over Lewisburg, in North Mississippi, after midnight on Thursday, February 26.

Angela Ashton, who says she is a “certified Paranormal Investigator,” was in bed when a “bright blinding light” through her bedroom window interrupted her sleep. She looked out and saw a massive object hovering overhead.

She ran out of her house with a camera to capture the unusual sight.

Ashton told WMC-TV she saw a very large, triangle-shaped UFO “at least the size of a football field.”

“It was at least the size of a football field. I was laying in my bed and I have a huge window that goes across the wall of my bedroom. And I saw a bright blinding light. I mean it was huge.”

It hovered silently in the sky for about 20 minutes over a field on Craft Road before it flew higher and disappeared.

Ashton was able to stay outside to record only a few seconds of the UFO hovering because of the cold winter weather.

WMC-TV consulted a drone expert Robert Estes, who watched the video and expressed the view that the flying object captured in the video was not a drone because most “drones don’t have lights like you see in the video.”

But oddly, he said the UFO could have been a plane.

It is uncertain why Estes thought that a UFO the size a “football field” that hovers silently in the sky could have been an airplane. Large airplane engines make a lot of noise and do not hover. What Ashton claimed she saw hovered silently.

However, Ashton, a “certified Paranormal Investigator” with Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research, who claims to have investigated UFOs for more than a decade, said she was convinced that the UFO was an alien or extraterrestrial craft.

“It was triangular shaped. It appeared to release smaller objects but it was kind of hard to tell. If that’s what it was doing or it additional lights were pulsating around it. I would say that it’s definitely extraterrestrial. I don’t know what else it could be.”

[Image: Angela Ashton/WMC-TV]