‘Jihadi John’: Mohammed Emwazi Revealed In Photo For The First Time As An Adult [Breaking]

Jihadi John, or the masked man in the videos who appears to have beheaded several journalists in Islamic State propaganda videos, now has been unmasked in a photo from his adult life.

Mohammed Emwazi is thought to be the man known as Jihadi John, and until recently, only a picture of Emwazi as a child had surfaced, which the Inquisitr reported earlier. The innocent-looking child smiled sweetly with his schoolmates and looked happy that day many years ago.

Mohammed Emwazi as an adult is seen wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball hat, unsmiling, and sporting a goatee. Sky News revealed his photo came from student records from Emwazi’s enrollment at the University of Westminster 2006 and 2009.

Mohammed Emwazi

After reportedly being harassed by British officials several times, Jihadi John emerged in Syria when he joined the Islamic State sometime after 2012.

Mohammed Emwazi has been described by friends and family as “kind” and “extremely gentle,” but Jihadi John has only been notoriously known by most Westerners for his brutal beheading demonstrations on video.

[Image via Sky News]