‘GTA 5’ PC Screens Absolutely Destroy Current Console Graphics

GTA 5 PC Screenshot

Rockstar Games have released some new Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots from the upcoming PC version today. This comes from the game developers Newswire.

The PC screenshots showcase the “detail and refinement” in GTA 5, further showcasing the technical edge over the current console gen versions. This is a nice gesture to PC players, as Grand Theft Auto 5 has been delayed on the platform again until April 14.

As players take a look at these GTA 5 screenshots, the level of detail clearly stands out. While Rockstar hasn’t said whether these screens are using 4K, which is supported by the PC version, they are visibly a cut above even the popular Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTA. Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC is slated to be the best version yet, and the graphical edge of GTA is just one aspect.

Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC will not only look superior to any other version, but if your rig can handle it, it will run better as well. While the current-gen versions of GTA 5 are 1080p30, Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC will be open-ended as to what framerate your game will run at. This will provide an objectively smoother gameplay experience. 4k Support in GTA 5 will also allow players to view the vistas of San Andreas in Ultra-High Definition as well, further adding to the level of detail Rockstar is painstakingly injecting into GTA.

Rockstar has teased that news of how the robust video editor will work is coming soon. This video editor is coming only to the PC version of GTA 5, and should give players freedom to film anything in the game they want to showcase. Grand Theft Auto 5 is incredibly open in how the player can interact with the world, so there is no telling what different creations the GTA 5 PC community will be able to come up with.

GTA 5 will release on PC this April.

[Images via Rockstar]