Llamas On the Loose: Two Escaped Llamas Lead Arizona Residents And Authorities On Wild Chase Before Being Captured [Video]

Two llamas found internet fame yesterday when they escaped from their owner and went on the lam in a West Valley retirement community.

The spirit duo dodged cars, avoided lassoes, and evaded grabby humans all before the afternoon started. If that wasn’t enough, the llamas even had time to set up a Twitter account, which sought to provide a little insight into their showy antics.

llamas on the loose

Nope, don’t think so fast, buddy.

llamas on the loose

View the skillfull dodging employed here.

llamas on the loose

And the #llamadrama continues.

llamas on the loose

According to ABC15, the llamas were brought to the Carillons Assisted Living center for a special event, but when they were packing up to leave, they got spooked and went on the run.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s officials said they received the first 911 call about the llamas being on the loose at 11:55 a.m., with the caller reporting that they’d already been trying to catch the pair for an hour.

Unfortunately, the dynamic twosome’s freedom run was short lived, and they were eventually caught and lassoed.

That, however, did not stop the internet from going a little crazy, and a social media storm of llama proportion ensued.

[Image via ABC15]